Review of Public Debate “Restless dead bodies: the ethics of circulation of human remains” (EASA Medical Anthropology Network Conference|Lisbon 2017)

Last week I’ve been to EASA Medical Anthropology Network Conference|Lisbon 2017 and talked about the body in archives as a body-archive, bearing inscribed scientific practices and epistems. As part of this even, there was a very interesting public debate and here is its review:

Bodies and academia

cartazI’ve just come back from the  Medical Anthropology Network Meeting (5-7 July, Lisbon, Portugal) and the highlight of the 2nd day was an important and one of a kind debate on the ethics of circulation of human remains, with the specific focus on a Portuguese recent case study. Before going into further details, I should mention that the first time I’ve heard about the events in question was at this debate (also many others in the room learnt about it for the first time), and that I had known none of the researchers involved before this. Thus, my understanding of the context of the discussion is based on what was said during the plenary meeting by the participants involved- and on some press stories-. In consequence, I might miss some pieces of information, but I’ve tried to represent the case to the best of what I’ve learnt.

This will…

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